About Us

Mosby Mechanical Co., Inc. was started in 1974 by Jack Mosby and a few employees in a small building on Mobberly Avenue in Longview, Texas.

Any new business is a gamble so Jack hedged a little by hiring only young people; if the enterprise did not succeed these people could go on and find something else. Fortunately, the business thrived, celebrating 46 years in business in the year 2020. Of those early employees, one is now the president of Mosby Mechanical, two or three went on to retire and two or three others are still with the company.


“Continued commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction.”

Jack’s byword in business was to make the customer happy. He often said, “No matter how big or how small, we sign our name to the job it becomes very important.” If a job had a one year warranty and something we did was wrong years later, we fixed it. The Attitude was instilled in the employees down through the years and is the motto that guides us today.

In 1979 Mosby Mechanical built the building it still occupies on South Eastman Road in Longview, soon adding sheet metal duct capabilities to the plumbing business already in place. Before long, we took on duct fabrication and installation as well. We are in the enviable position of having both long-time customers of many years’ standing and long-time employees, held to the company by its commitment to both. Those few early employees are now joined by 100 others, all working to the same goal of building the best job we possibly can.