At Mosby Mechanical Co., Inc., It is our goal that our employees have a safe, productive and enjoyable experience with us. A Safe Work Practice Manual has been prepared and provided for you to aid in accident and injury prevention, and to save lives.

This manual outlines the Safety and Health guidelines applicable to Mosby Mechanical Co., Inc. employees. These guidelines meet or exceed Federal and State safety and health requirements and conform to standard safety engineering practices. They have been written to develop a safe and healthful working environment. Please examine this manual thoroughly to ensure you are fully familiar with its contents. If you have any questions or suggestions, discuss them with your supervisor.

Procedures and guidelines alone do not guarantee that accidents and injuries will not occur. Your cooperation and commitment will be the critical component in making the workplace safe for you and your coworkers. Be constantly alert for potentially hazardous situations. Always remember, no job is so important that it has to be accomplished in an unsafe manner. Accidents can be avoided by the use of good judgment, common sense, and adherence to the Safety and Health Program. Do your work in a safe manner and help to ensure that those working with you do the same. Your safety may depend on another’s safe work habits.

Operational performance standards of excellence are developed to achieve products of superior quality, competitive in the marketplace today. Even higher standards for safety in the workplace should be achieved. Make safe work practice a way of life and remember at Mosby Mechanical Co., Inc.:

“You Set the Safety Standard”

Mosby Mechanical Safety Manual